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Chocolate with Hazelnuts Piedmont and Pure Vegan Omega-3 Oil (30 pieces with a daily dose in each box)

Chocolate with Hazelnuts Piedmont and Pure Vegan Omega-3 Oil (30 pieces with a daily dose in each box)

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ecoltr 8g Vegan Chocolate contains a daily dose of 260 mg Pure Vegan Omega-3 oil - extracted in a sustainable way directly from marine microalgae - No fish.

ecoltr has succeeded in combining dark vegan chocolate containing flavanols (antioxidants) with essential Omega-3 oils from marine microalgae. The cocoa beans are single-origin socially responsible cocoa beans from Peru.

Overall, combining Vegan dark chocolate with Vegan Omega-3 from microalgae can provide a powerful boost of nutrients and health benefits - leaving the taste of fish behind.

Order now and receive your box with 30 pieces of Chocolate with Pure Vegan Omega-3 Oil in a few days.


Cocoa Beans, Canesugar, Cocoabutter, Coconut Milk, Coffee and Omega-3 oil (DHA and EPA rich oil from the marine microalgae Schizochytrium sp.) Aroma; orange, natural rosemary extract. Antioxidants; tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate.

(May contain nuts)


A daily dose of Omega-3 in each piece (8g):

EPA  69 mg

DHA 138 mg

EPA + DHA 230 mg

Omega-3 total 260 mg

At least 200 mg cocoa flavonols in each piece (8g)

Health claims in the EU

Chocolate with Pure Vegan Omega-3 Oil by ecoltr® contain 260 mg Omega-3 (DHA and EPA) equivalent to a recommended daily serving.

Daily intake of 250 mg of EPA and DHA contribute to the normal function of the heart.

Daily intake of 200 mg of cocoa flavanols help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, which contributes to normal blood flow.

Daily serving should not exceed 5000 mg DHA and EPA. If you are taking anticoagulant (blood-thinning) medication, it is recommended to contact your doctor beforehand. 

About Marine Micro Algae

Marine micro algae are primary producers of Omega-3. Fish absorb Omega-3 through their diet and do not produce themselves. Throughout the food chain fish also absorb other substances like toxins, which emphasises the benefits of exclusively consuming Omega-3 from particularly pure environments and from the top of the food chain (primary producers).

While more and more people acknowledge the benefits of an Omega-3 rich diet, the demand for Omega-3 is increasing, leading to growing concerns about food security, fish stocks, industrial fishing and presence of environmental pollutants in some fish oils.

Hence, it is more sustainable to consume Omega-3 oil extracted directly from the source, the micro algae - reducing overfishing and avoiding the risk of consuming pollutants present in some fish oils.

Blended with caution and care in Denmark

Flavonoid rich chocolate produced from cocoa beens from local farmers growing under ethical and sustainable conditions – free of slave- and child labour combined with Omega-3 oil produced exclusively from marine micro algae. An environmentally friendly vegan source of marine Omega-3, rich in EPA and DHA fatty acids and free from environmental toxins.

A sustainable and tasteful solution to provide a daily intake of 260 mg of Omega-3.

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