About us - 2023

EcoGroup is focused on providing better health for more people by engaging in positive partnerships and by sourcing only the most pure and sustainable ingredients. We're supporting local and global organisations who make a positive impact now and for generations to come, doing good and giving back.


ecoltr® by EcoGroup are Pure Vegan products with Omega-3, sustainably sourced, ethically produced and conscientiously crafted. 

Originally, we got interested in the benefits of Omega-3, when some of our family members were faced with Alzheimer’s Disease. Powerless against the disease we began to research its causes and possible prevention. What we learned was surprising, because we realised that diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia are potentially avoidable.

Our modern lifestyle result in an increasing number of people consuming processed food, which are very rich in Omega-6.

The increased consumption of Omega-6 combined with inadequate Omega-3 in our diet results in unbalanced fatty acid levels in our bodies.

We found that the larger the gap between these levels in our body, the more susceptible we are to contract diseases. Realising how high the incidence of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease is today, and having identified what we believe is a way to stem its increase through supplementation of Omega-3, we began our search.

We found that we could achieve increased levels of Omega-3 through a healthy diet rich in fatty fish like cod and salmon and even more optimal through consuming pure Vegan Omega-3 supplements on a daily basis.

When we couldn’t find a supplements that was good enough for our families and the environment, we decided to insource our own products through trusted and sustainable partners, because we have learned that origin matters, when it comes to our health.  

Today we are convinced that the earlier we start enriching our diets with Omega-3, the greater our chances are of maintaining a healthier balance throughout our lifetime.